Casinos in New Zealand are open 24 hours a day and are a fairly common way to earn a real income. In this regard, it has a large and diverse audience. There are responsible users as well as not so many. But because you are reading this article, you can assume that you are collected and intelligent. Because to break the rules at a casino is to harm yourself. With a clearly laid out system, and a set of standards and privacy policies, everything functions in such a way that all activity is done fairly and legally. These foundations are invented for the safety of both the player and the operators. This article will help you understand these often long and confusing terms and rules. It shall present the information in simple and accessible language. And it should be noted that the set of rules in this guide deals only with the most basic and common points. You do keep in mind that each casino may be different. Therefore, it is always advisable to carefully study the information yourself before you start working with a gambling site.

Why does a casino have terms and conditions?

In order to provide you with a more complete answer to this question, read below the criteria that explain in detail why things are set up this way:

  • The first thing to note is the safety of the player, as long as the terms and prerequisite are met. If you do not violate the conditions, you will not be blocked and shall be able to use the full functionality of the platform;
  • Secondly, it is undoubtedly the safety of the casino. This way, it will be protected from losing unexpected amounts of money. Example, when giving out bonus money. Features such as casino advantage and terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements, are designed to ensure that the platform always has a slight mathematical advantage over the players.

So, now knowing this, you should understand that reading the standards is simply what you need to do in the first place. The casino, thanks to its system, will always have a little advantage. If you want to play for real money and win accordingly. Then you have to be smart. Consciously approach it, study the rules of those casinos that you like. And choose what suits you.

Location of casino rules and conditions

If you are a beginner, these are a must for you. If you are an experienced player, you should know that this section is extremely easy to find. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Most are usually presented on the official site, simply by a link on the homepage in the footer or available menu tab;
  • When you register, in the window that you will fill out with your personal information. Below that, you shall usually need to agree to the rules and privacy policy;
  • There are times when the standards may be in your personal account, after you register, but that’s rare.

If you can’t find them in these ways, then in that case, you need to contact technical support. They should be able to orient you, both on your question and for future reference, to dump the entire set of regulations for you to read.


In all the manuals you may come across keywords and terms. Below you will be able to read the most basic of them with examples provided. As well as with their interpretations in simple words. And here they are:

  • Agreement. This is the set of rules and regulations together with the Privacy Policy, the Withdrawal Policy, the general terms and conditions for promotions and the standards for placing bets;
  • Betting. Intended for betting, gambling, which are conducted in relation to any and/or all activities presented on the website;
  • Devices. These are all applied devices: personal computers, laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablets and others;
  • Player. A person who has a gambler account and uses the services;
  • Player account. A personal account on a website with stored data;
  • Privacy Policy. Anonymity clause;
  • Service. All games and any related content or software, whether or not available in downloadable format;
  • Software. Licensed, including all information, and databases, and any other derivative content required to be downloaded, made available or otherwise used by you through the website and which allows the player to play the software.

Keep in mind that these are not all the concepts you need to know. But at first, these very basic and main ones will suffice.

Accepting Terms and Conditions

Practically all casinos will have a list of conditions that you shall need to accept. Also, when registering, you should be aware that they are subject to change and regulation from time to time. This is also something you usually agree to by default when you sign up. Here’s the list:

  • House Betting Rules;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • General Bonus Terms and Conditions;
  • Withdrawal Policy;
  • Data Protection Policy;
  • AML Policy;
  • Cookies Policy;
  • Rules of all games available on the site, and others.

Most players are usually too lazy to read the provisions. They agree to everything when they sign up, and then when any false facts are uncovered. For example, if the player is not yet 18 years old, he is blocked and he is left dissatisfied. But the rules must be read! So that such situations do not arise.

Violation of provisions

You should know that all modern casinos nowadays strictly follow all sets of rules. And on the flip side, the players absolutely rightly require the same honest attitude. Any violation, such as for example:

  • The application of sneaky loopholes and the use of bots that can crack the code on the website;
  • Broadcasting of information or opportunities provided to third parties;
  • Associating with third parties to illegally use the website’s resources;
  • Application of dubious (stolen) payment cards to pay, and others.

Due to the impeccable working system, you can not doubt it, if you decide and carry out any such kind of activity. This will be followed by punishment, which may include simply blocking you from the website. Or it could be much more serious and the appropriate authorities be involved in the situation. Where the consequences will be much more extensive and shall clearly affect your entire future life