Why is pokies growing on mobile?

Even if it’s 2020 and you would thought that the mobile shift was all and over. The reality is a bit different in the world of
pokies. A lot of the pokies we play often was developed for a desktop experience. You can still see this in a few pokies still. Pay
attention to the layout of the buttons, placement of information etc. If it’s a pokie that was developed for desktop. these
elements can feel a bit awkward or misplaced.

However, the number of slots with these issues when playing pokies on you mobile is becoming fewer by the day. Most game providers
have shifted their developments to focus on mobiles. The justifications aren’t hard to find. for example, almost 75% of all
internet traffic is through mobile. It wouldn’t be far fetched to think that these numbers are the same on the Casinos.

We see more casinos building their experience a lot more around mobile. One example is LeoVegas. They are usine the tagline “king
of mobile”. I think they live up to their grand words. For instance, they have the best placements of buttons when playing pokies
on your mobile. Therefore making it very easy to use when you want to play pokieso n your phone.

Still, in my opinion, you get the best experience playing pokies on your desktop. Mainly because a bigger screen really makes the
pokes a lot better. However, I hope that the Brands together with the game providers will change my mind very soon. As the
development goes by, I’m sure that even I will leave my desktop behind.

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